Free Online Website Builders – Reasons Not to Use Them

Free Online Website Builders

The importance of having a website for a business of any size is pretty much universally acknowledged. In today’s time it is simply viewed as “the cost of doing business,” but still many business owners recoil at the idea of investing money on a professionally designed website.  However, this reluctance somewhat makes sense especially for start-ups where margins for spreading money is extremely thin.

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At this juncture, many small business owners chose to design their websites by themselves with the help of free website builders like Weebly, Wix, etc., to cut expenditure for a short duration. Unfortunately for them, this decision has often come back to haunt them in the long run due to hidden costs, no ownership, and limited functionality. Here are three big reasons not to use free website builders for building your websites.

1. No Ownership of Your Website One of the main issues of using free website builders is that you do not own your website. Instead of owning, you are just renting out space from a bigger organization. There are huge chances that they might remove your site altogether due to some changes in their terms of service or the parent organization gets acquired by another company. It is also possible that they might start charging premium prices for one of their previously free services.

And since you made yourself too reliant on their tools and hosting services, you cannot port your website anywhere else if any of the above scenarios arise.

2.Limited Customer Support Most of these free website builders do not provide adequate customer support for their customers. There will be situations like codes are broken, versions are lost, website functions stopped working correctly, etc., where you will require some external help during the lifetime of your website.

The support that these free websites provide are not useful, and videos and DIY forums often make your problems even worse.

The only way to make sure your hard work remains intact is to give your website some specific personal attention from a professional website designer who will guide you in every phase of your site-building and even after that.

3. Limited Functionality Even though these free website builders offer countless features like social media plug-ins, video players, shopping carts, credit card processing, etc., all these features are insufficient in terms of functionality and are very expensive.

Free websites are not all free when you add all those functionalities and features that you want. Unfortunately, most start-ups and small business owners do not realize this and spend weeks building their website template only to find out that they must pay monthly premium prices for the services they need, but with limited functionality.