Sell on eBay with Shopify, the Best Business Decision

What online selling has done for most entrepreneurs is to simplify business expansion and management. Every small business owner has one goal in mind, and that is to turn a profit. Profits in the retail business are dependent on how accessible you are to customers and whether customers need or want to buy your products. For a Shopify store owner, the solution may lie in expanding your market places by selling products on eBay.

Multi-channel selling

One of the ways to leverage selling opportunities and harness volume sales is to expand into new and proven market places where there is a need for your product. This is true for both brick and mortar as is for online stores.

In the case of physical stores, this could mean opening new physical branches in geographical areas of opportunity. But it could very well mean opening an online store and tapping into a vast digital market of online shoppers who love the convenience of hustle free shopping.

Multi-channel selling means selling through various sales channels. The aim of selling through more than one sales channel is to reach more customers that would otherwise be out of your reach. This approach is a relevant business model to most physical stores as well as online stores today.

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Why shopify for market expansion

For a physical store opting to expand its market places to reach more customers, opening an online store with Shopify is a smart idea. Here’s why:

  • Affordable expansion through suitable Shopify monthly plans
  • Shopify is easy to set up and manage
  • Shopify online stores have a great inventory system that can be synched with your physical store for seamless management of both channels
  • Through Shopify, you can access and sell on larger online market places such as eBay
  • Shopify can also seamlessly sync with social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook opening even more selling and marketing channels for your business

The reasons for most physical stores to consider Shopify for business expansion are quite convincing.

As for online entrepreneurs who are considering opening an online store with Shopify, or if you already have a store with Shopify, then you are on the right track towards business success.

Why do I say that? It’s because Shopify positions you for a better selling opportunity in the highly competitive online retail environment.

How Shopify positions your for success

Shopify does this for your online store through the following ways:

  • Easy to use and quick to set up
  • A website builder that is user-friendly and requires no coding
  • Multi-channel integration such as eBay
  • Numerous payment gateways that support an extensive range of currencies
  • Affordable monthly plans

Using Shopify to sell online is pretty easy because of their easy to use website builder that has a drag and drop editor. It is affordable because you can create the website yourself in a matter of minutes.

Shopify has a lot of professional themes to choose from that cut across a broad range of industries. So no matter how unique your online business may be, you can bet that Shopify has a unique template that is fitting for your business.

Online shop owners like to customize the running of their stores to suit their preferences and management needs as well as style. For such, Shopify has an impressive app store that helps run your operations even better.

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These apps can be used for marketing, accounting as well as inventory plus many other duties. That said, Shopify comes with enough built-in features to run your store.

Selling on eBay through Shopify

Although Shopify is a respected brand with everything that you can want in an online store, it now allows you to sell on eBay. But why would an online retail store want to sell on eBay? You might ask. 

There are numerous reasons, but the most glaring one is an opportunity to expand your sales volumes by accessing new and wider online market places.

For instance, while selling through your Shopify online store alone, you are likely to have access to upwards of 3 million customers. However, by leveraging eBay’s popularity and the expansive market place they possess, your online store will have opened up to a possible 168 million active user who currently shops on the eBay platform.

Although it may sound complicated and tedious, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that linking your Shopify account to eBay takes a matter of minutes. To sell on eBay through Shopify, you will need to have a Shopify account. This can be as basic as Shopify lite or the highest tier of Shopify’s monthly plans.

Shopify comes ready to go with multi-channel integration such that, adding a sales channel such as eBay, will take only a matter of minutes. eBay is a unique online selling platform because of it’s proven record of selling and auctioning niche products such as sports memorabilia as well as a whole range of unique items ranging from airplanes, vintage cars, and yachts. But today you can purchase ordinary stuff such as makeup, apparel, electronics and so much more.

If you already have a Shopify online store, you will also need to open an account with US eBay. You can do this by going logging in to your Shopify account and adding eBay to your Shopify sales channel and then proceed to register for an eBay US account.

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This process will also allow you to link your Shopify account to your eBay account as well as allow eBay to access your Shopify account. After configuring your eBay account with information such your location and sales terms, you can go ahead to load partial products or all your merchandise that you would like to sell on eBay.

This process is necessary because it allows your Shopify account to sync with your eBay account automatically. From here on you can manage inventory and all your Shopify store operations in addition to your eBay sales channel from one central location on your Shopify store. 


Given the clout that eBay has, both in terms of online traffic. In addition to a solid reputation and annual sales volumes that tunes up to $9 billion, it is worth adding eBay as a sales channel to your Shopify online store